Shrabani + Kevin | Fingask Castle wedding videography

‘I think I settled pretty well’

The wedding of Shrabani and Kevin at Fingask Castle was an amazing day from the start to finish. There was nothing but love, laughter, smiles and everyone had a good time.
The couple came all the way from China, where they currently live and work, to get married in Scotland. It was our second time filming a wedding at Fingask Castle, Perthshire. The venue is unique and stunning, a perfect location for the destination wedding, or any wedding whatsoever! It has a nice vibe, lovely grounds and fairytale-like feeling. But the most important for Kev and Shrabani was to see their family and friends coming literally from all over the world to be a part of this wonderful celebration.
We loved that the day was inspired by the bride’s Bengali – and groom’s Scottish heritage. They included the symbols of their cultures into the celebration: the peacock feathers and thistle flowers. Spot on symbols for two strong and beautiful individuals!
One of the highlights of the day was the speeches: hilarious, fun and filled with the happy tears! Kevin and Shrabani’s wedding day was truly a fantastic one. We loved capturing every minute of it.
We hope you enjoy the life together and stay awesome!