Black and white headshot of female wedding videographer

Hi, I am Elga

Filming is what I love and using my passion to capture peoples’ memories gives me a sense of fulfilment in my job.

After completing my BA degree in Film and Media Studies, I continued developing my skills and gaining more experience as a camera operator and video editor. I worked for The National News Agency LETA, Edinburgh International Festival, Art in Scotland TV.

The first wedding I captured was for my friends. I really enjoyed filming their celebration. Since then I have filmed many weddings. My favourite aspect of it is capturing the richness of emotions: the excitement, the joy, the anticipation, the love… Sounds good? Get in touch with us!

A black and white portrait of female wedding videographer

Hi, I am Ksenia

My first photo camera was Smena 8 M. I got it when I was 9. I loved to play with it and made lots of ‘out of focus’ photos.

Many years later, I decided to study history and after earning a master’s degree, I worked as a researcher but was never fulfilled. Only a few years later I found myself helping to film a wedding and I realised that it was matching my needs for creativity, spontaneity, and excitement. I knew that I needed to continue exploring this path.

After five years of shooting weddings, I still feel very excited every time we arrive at the venue. My favourite part of being a wedding videographer is using the art of editing to tell the story of your wedding day and to portray the characters, reactions, moods, atmosphere…

Visual Storytelling by 'Wee Ninjas'

We are both easy going and friendly and prefer a discreet and non-intrusive way of capturing a wedding. Some of our past couples called us 'wee Ninjas', saying that they hardly remembered us filming their special day, which is a great testimony.