Why two videographers? And why Utopia Films?
We always film each wedding as a duo, Elga and Ksenia. Your day will go by in a flash! Having two videographers has many benefits and having two videographers who work in a cohesive manner is an extra bonus.

Every time, filming a wedding is the opportunity to tell a unique visual story. To capture not only the most important parts of your day, such as ceremony and speeches, but also the details, the atmosphere, the mood, your family and friends’ smiles and reactions, the fleeting moments and moments that move you, and the exquisite emotions that if not captured will be forgotten.
We have always filmed each wedding as a duo. A wedding is usually one-day celebration with many things going on and it cannot be repeated. It means working in an unpredictable and uncontrolled environment. Having two skilled and experienced videographers is a necessity. We can be in two different places at the same time, e.g. shooting bridal and groom preparation, capturing the ceremony from many different angles, getting coverage of drink reception and photo/video shoot at the same time and more… Two videographers mean more quality footage, more cameras, more angles, and more creativity! It is much easier to capture the most prominent and the candid moments that would greatly enhance the story of your wedding day.

We always try to be unobtrusive while filming your wedding. We love when you feel relaxed and comfortable, same for your guests.

What is the booking process?
Contact us and check our availability first via our website or email us at hello@utopiafilms.co.uk or via Facebook. If we are free on your wedding day and you would like to book us, we will email you our booking form and details on how to make a booking fee to secure our services.

How much is the booking fee? How do I pay it?
We ask for a £150 booking fee for securing the date. The booking fee comes from the overall cost of our service. Our wedding videography services are secured when the booking fee is paid. We take payments via Bank Transfer.

When do I need to pay the remaining balance?
The remaining (final) balance is due 7 days before the date of your wedding/event. You can make a payment in installments or before the due date. We will email you the invoice a few weeks before the date of your wedding.

What is next?
You can cross wedding videographer off your list. Four – six weeks before your wedding day, we will email you a form with the details we need from you regarding your wedding timetable. We would love to meet with you before your wedding day for a chat. Should you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions regarding your wedding, our services or anything else, contact us via email or phone at any time.

What equipment do you use?
We believe filmmaking should be enhanced by technology. Not only by the equipment you use on a day to video the wedding but by the software and techniques you use to produce the final film. We record in HD (High Definition), using Canon DSLR cameras and the top-quality audio devices, slider, and steadicam. Each wedding film is edited creatively by using professional tools and techniques.

How long does it take to finish our wedding film?
The average waiting time is 16 weeks. It usually takes us a few weeks to edit your wedding film, but the final turnaround time depends on how many weddings we have in the queue. The turnaround time won’t exceed 24 weeks which is guaranteed by our contract/booking form.

During the time of editing, we will craft for you the Documentary Feature of your Wedding Day (40-70 min long) and Highlight Video Clip (2-4 min long) or Cinematic Film of your Wedding Day (about 16-20 min long) with 2-4 min long Highlight Clip, Ceremony and Speeches edited separately.

How will you edit our feature wedding film?
You get to say how we edit your wedding film. Whether you choose the reportage or cinematic edit, your Wedding Film will be artistic, entertaining and exciting to watch! We spend countless hours working on each wedding film, crafting a top- quality film that takes you on an emotional journey.

Reportage (documentary) approach: As a result of choosing this type of editing, your Wedding Film will be a chronological documentation of your wedding day. The length of the full film is usually between 40 and 70 minutes (featuring the full ceremony and speeches). The Feature Film will be delivered in full HD quality on USB with your Highlights video clip.

Cinematic (Creative) approach: Your Feature Film will be about 20 minutes long edited in an artistic, creative, cinematic way to show the story of your wedding day and you as a couple. The Film will have bits and pieces from your ceremony (i.e. vows) and from your speeches. The full ceremony and speeches will be edited separately. The Feature Film, Ceremony, Speeches and Highlight Clip will be delivered in full HD quality on USB.

Can I pick my music for the wedding film?
Sure! We will ask you to email us songs you like and wish to be included in your feature wedding film. We are more than happy to give you some suggestions or ideas for music/tunes/songs for your movie.

Highlights video clips/online trailers or videos will have music chosen by us from the music we are able to license and purchase online.

Is there something more on your mind? Get in touch with us! We’d be more than happy to chat with you about your wedding film, your plans, and ideas.