Wedding couple kissing at the netrance to the Forgan's St Andrews.

Forgan’s St Andrews Wedding Videographer

Karen and Craig’s summer wedding was a stylish but laid-back celebration. All thanks to their choices of the wedding venues. They had a romantic ceremony at the Old Course Hotel followed by the evening reception at the warm and welcoming Forgan’s St Andrews.

Undeniably, it was Karen’s creative vision that transformed the Conservatory at the Old Course Hotel into a chic room filled with the garden flowers, antlers and candles. The couple had a non-religious and personal wedding ceremony conducted by the humanist, Dorothy Novak. At the ceremony, we learned that Karen and Craig got engaged at the Hogmanay Party in Edinburgh in 2013. Next, their beautiful daughter had arrived. Finally, the family was complete, so the couple decided to tie the knot in the presence of their dear friends and family. During the ceremony, the couple’s little one was picking the rose petals from the floor. It was one of the cutest things ever!

There were so many emotional and celebratory moments. The guests waiting at Forgan’s in the anticipation to greet the newlyweds and throwing confetti at them was one of our favourites. We have to say that Forgan’s exceeded our expectations. What a charming venue for a bespoke wedding. It offers old-fashioned Scottish hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, but it can be a non- traditional wedding venue, a place for the more offbeat brides and grooms.

Can’t wait to be back in St. Andrews!

Karen and Craig’s wedding was a celebration brimming with cheer and love. We are glad we could be a part of it and capture the memories for them.

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